Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Ali Fadavi

Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Ali Fadavi stated that Iran could halt the recent US and British-led riots within 48 hours.

Iran Press/Iran news: Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Ali Fadavi on a meeting to mark Basij Week referred to the actions of rioters in damaging public and private properties, saying, "If the protests continued naturally, there would have been a better scene in the streets, but a handful of bandits came in and took action against the people. We filmed and identified these rioters and will definitely arrest them." 

He added, "For 40 years, the US has been trying to undermine the Islamic Revolution and has failed in doing that. The United States has expressed its support of the recent unrest, but they themselves have seen a major failure in just 48 hours. Our message is the same as it has been 40 years ago, the only difference is that we have become stronger and we will keep our power increasing every day."

Fadavi also addressed French officials and said, "You have been facing eleven months of protest rallies in France and no country is supporting these protesters. So why are you defending the chaos in Iran? You were not able to stop the demonstrations of your people who were demanding their's rights, but we could stop the unrest within 48 hours in which the US, Britain, Germany, France and Saudi Arabia were involved. These countries themselves claim to have been involved in the riots. Some of the neighboring countries have also shown evil which is against the good neighborliness and Muslim traditions."

He went on to say "If the cruelties and wickedness of our enemies exceed our limits, we will respond at the highest possible level. Under the current circumstances, we will surely respond to the enemy. Deputy Commander of IRGC noted that we have captured all the puppets and mercenaries who explicitly admit that they are working for the US and the MKO terrorist organization and the country's judicial system will punish them severely.

Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) said that the US has intended to implement its plots during the recent protests over gas price hike but fortunately has failed to do so.

Brigadier General Ali Fadavi said despite US Aircraft carrier cruising north of the Indian ocean in order to enter the Persian Gulf waters in the last 4 months' It has not dared to do so.

Referring to the Islamic revolution's power and capabilities in the Persian Gulf, he went on to say that, over the last months the US itself claimed it did not dare to enter and cruise in it.

"The US has thought it could implement its plots and conspiracies in recent protests in Iran over gas price hike to gain significant achievement but it failed to do so," Fadavi concluded.205/219

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