Semnan (IP) - Joint air defense drills of 'Defenders of Velayat Sky 98' were kicked off by the order of the commander of Army's Air Defense to the operational units.

Iran Press/ Iran news: According to IRIB news agency on Friday, joint air defense drills of 'Defenders of Velayat Skies 98' are underway in an area of ??416,000 square kilometers in the general area of ??Semnan, in the east of Tehran province

The development and deployment of the defense systems in the drills with an emphasis on rapid reaction defensive forces and the ability to move the missile systems, radar and artillery from operations as soon as possible, restore secure communication and multi-layer systems between defense systems, the combat engineer and civil defense for camouflage and concealment of the systems and equipment and deceive the enemy are among the measures taken in the first phase of air defense drills of 'Defenders of Velayat Sky 98'.

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Intelligence and reconnaissance manned and unmanned flights in the general area of the drills, the invasion of warplanes to the region of the drills and performing airborne tactical and defense measures against the attacking aircraft under the guidance of integrated network of air defense of Islamic Republic of Iran are of the measures taken at this stage of the exercise.

Aerial refueling operations over the area of the drills with guidance of control officers of the air defense, air defense exercises involving the detection, identification, intercepting, engagement and electronic strike of air defense systems were performed at this stage of the drills. 207

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