Tehran (IP) - "21st century has been named 'Water Century' and we have to utilize all capabilities to protect our national interests in this period," commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi has said.

Iran PressIran news"Some believe that the collapse of America will begin with its economy. Others argue that US President Donald Trump has come to manage the collapse of the United States, so that it won't resemble the collapse of Russia," said Admiral Hossein Khanzadi who was delivering a speech in Shahid Beheshty University, Technical and Engineering Pardis Shahid Abbaspour.

He added: "We will certainly see in the future that they will not be able to operate 15 aircraft carriers around the world".

"Today, there are warships in 30 countries around the world. The Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier is located 300 miles south of the Chabahar port. The United States does not deploy its naval fleet for entertainment purposes in different parts of the world, but wants to use the resources of the region for its arrogant purposes", the commander underscored.

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Referring to some countries use of piracy to exert pressure on other nations, Khanzadi added: "The Persian Gulf region is the center of the earth and geopolitically, it is very important. We can use these capabilities in any area".

The top commander added: "If we are looking for a new Islamic civilization, the capacity of the seas can help us. Most of our exports and imports are carried out via our maritime borders in southern Iran."

"Today the High Seas give us immediate access to everywhere. We can easily cross the coast of Iran to America. Importantly, 90% of the goods trade is carried out by the sea. In the world, the 21st century has been named as 'Water Century', the century that is very focused on the capacities of the oceans", the commander said.

"The Leader of the Islamic Revolution also emphasized that the High Seas are a great opportunity for a country to pursue national interests. Its benefits are strategic and major", he added.

"The world's great oceans are interconnected through eight crossings; the crossings connect all the world and everybody can get around via the oceans," Admiral Hossein Khanzadi stressed. 207/211/205

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