In Iran, over 30,000 Afghan refugees are supported by the World Food Programme (WFP), said the UN representative.

Iran Press/Iran news: In a meeting that has been held at Tehran on Wednesday morning, attended by the Iranian actors and activists,  UN representative, Negar Gerami, thanked media for letting their voices to be heard worldwide and added, WFP is one part of the UN aiming at countering starvation globally.

Gerami stated, "WFP is active in over 80 countries across the world. WFP has been founded in 1963 in Iran by sending aid to earthquake-stricken people in Bouin-Zahra," Iran Press reported. 

The representative went on to say that in Iran over 30,000 people are supported by WFP especially Afghans.

The UN representative expressed hope to continue helping those in need.

Gerami added that fortunately in Iran there is no need for WFP.


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