The Head of the Presidential office has said that Iran will further scale back its commitments to JCPOA if the (European) signatory states to the nuclear deal fail to honour their end of the bargain.

Iran Press/Iran News: Commenting on the situation in Iraq and Lebanon, Mahmoud Vaezi said the United States is involved in turning peaceful protests violent in both Iraq and Lebanon. The US is also providing financial support to those who wish to spread violence in Iraq and Lebanon, Vaezi added.

Asked about a four-month breathing period for Iran to join the FATF conventions, Vaezi said: "Iranian banks must be allowed to interact and cooperate with financial institutions and banks worldwide. We are hopeful that financial sanctions against Iranian banks will be removed in due course," Iran Press reported.

He added: "The Majlis (parliament) and the Expediency Council have approved the Palermo convention, but one of the committees of the Guardian Council has objected to the Convention, and the bill has thus been referred back to the Expediency Council / Guardia Council. We hope that the Palermo Convention is approved finally and that Iran becomes a member of the Palermo Convention. It will be in the country's interest." 101/211

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