Iranian President emphasized the government's serious determination to combat corruption and enhance transparency.

Iran Press /Iran News: "It is an honor for us that we are fighting terrorism and corruption, so we should not let money our banking system be charged with laundering because this will hurt the country,” Hassan Rouhani said speaking at a cabinet session on Wednesday.

Emphasising that the fight against corruption is seriously pursued by the government, Rouhani said, “The three bills of transparency, anti-corruption, and conflict of interest have been drafted and approved and we believe that until there is no transparency in the country, the rest is just showing off and it does not benefit the nation,” Iran Press reported citing the President official website. 

“If you really want to eliminate corruption, you need to promote transparency, healthy competition, and non-oil exports,” said the President.

“Of course, some are skeptical about the FATF, to whom we will not say anything; but why do some people obstruct the four bills passed by the government and the parliament; these are not in the interests of the country,” he continued.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the President said, the people of Iran know very well who oppresses them and who has undermined the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and they know what effects and interests it could have.”

He added, “On the visit to New York, three of the world's major leaders were surprised by Iran’s ability to attract all major companies in the world after the JCPOA.”

Rouhani reiterated, "JCPOA showed how effective the Iranian nation's actions and Iranian diplomacy and peace and goodwill can be. This was the reason why the Zionist Regime, Saudi Arabia and American hardliners could not stand it.”

The President noted, “Enemies thought they could destroy the Iranian political system through undermining the JCPOA, but the Iranian nation is more vigilant than to be deceived by its enemies.”

He said, "Of course there were some people inside who were provoking people, saying that Trump and even Netanyahu are not very bad people and it is the government that is ineffective.” 101

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