Polls opened in Tunisia on Sunday for the decisive second-round of the presidential election between leader of the Heart of Tunisia party Nabil Karoui and independent retired law professor Kais Saied.

Iran PressAfrica: The two beat 24 other candidates including some of Tunisia’s most powerful politicians in the first round poll on September 15 to advance to the run-off, with Kais Saied taking 18.4% of votes and Nabil Karoui 15.6%, Reuters reported.

According to the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE), the total number of polling stations in the Tunisian general elections (legislative and presidential with both rounds) is 13,450 on the national territory and 384 abroad.

A total of 7,065,885 voters are recorded in the electoral register.

According to the Constitution, the ISIE has three days after the election day to release official results.


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