Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces said that by lasting and strong deterrence, Iran is not seeking for confrontation or aggression, it seeks regional cooperation.

Iran Press/Iran news: In twenty-third General Assembly of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Commanders and Officials in Tehran, Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri said that Iran has made a lasting and strong deterrence against plots of enemies, Iran press reported.

"The enemies have understood very well that Iran's Armed forces have the capability, will and courage to encounter them and would not hesitate a single moment to defend its people and homeland," the Iranian General said.

Major General Bagheri added: "Today, Iran as a superior regional power knows its responsibility in security and stability of the region."

Top Iranian commander reiterated: "Iran has no greed or any intention for animosity or aggression, war, and insecurity, on the contrary, Iran is seeking regional cooperation."

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