???????The 45th round of G7 summit kicks off in Biarritz, southwestern France, as the trade war between US and China escalates even further.

Iran Press/Europe: Seven of the world's top industrial countries, namely Germany, Japan, Italy, UK, Canada, France, and US gathered on Saturday night with the French president Emanuel Macron as the chairman of the summit.

The summit was held in a time when Beijing announced it would raise tariffs on US goods worth around €68 billion, Euro News reported.

Experts have predicted that this round of G7 talks would end with no final statement due to disagreements between US and European countries on such issues as free trade, Iran, and climate change.

A European Council President Donald Tusk has referred to the trade wars among the G7 members and said that it would serve to further erode trust among them.

The summit will address issues like security discrimination, violence against women, Brexit, and regional changes of Iran, Syria, and Ukraine as well. 203/211/215

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