An Iranian vice president, Hossein-Ali Amiri, warned that his country will once again show a decisive response to any violation of its territorial integrity.


Iran Press/Iran news: "The Islamic Republic reserves the right to defend its national interests.  Anyone who wants to threaten our national interests will certainly face the reaction of the Islamic Republic. Shooting down the U.S drone was done in line with protecting our national interests," Amiri said on the sidelines of Iran's cabinet meeting in Tehran, on Wednesday. 

"The US drone entered Iran's territorial waters and airspace. It ignored the warnings and because it entered our airspace and territorial waters, the Islamic Republic had the right to defend itself based on international laws,"  Iranian vice president added in an interview with Iran Press.

Naturally, the Islamic Republic of Iran will be sensitive to whatever threatens it he noted, adding: "Those who want to help our enemies and provide facilities for our enemies if it is proven to be against Iran's interest and its territorial integrity; will definitely receive an answer from us. Diplomats will carry out their legal duties according to the Supreme National Security Council enactments." 101/211/218

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