Iran’s Ambassador in Brasilia Seyed Ali Saghaeyan told Brazilian officials that they should be aware of consequences over refusing fuel to ships.

Iran Press/America: Saghaeyan said on Tuesday that Tehran could easily find new suppliers of corn, soybeans, and meat if Brazil refuses the refueling of the ships.

“I told the Brazilians that they should solve the issue, not the Iranians,” he added according to Bloomberg.

The two Iranian bulk carriers that came to Brazil carrying urea and were expected to return home with corn, but Brazilian state oil firm Petrobras refuses to provide them with bunker fuel Under the pretext of unilateral US sanctions.

Brazil and Iran have a long good relation, but the policy of the newly elected president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, and his tendency toward establishing good relation with Israel and the United States affected the South American country's relation with Iran. 101/217

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