The capital city and other regions of Venezuela were plunged into darkness by an extensive power outage on Monday afternoon.

Iran Press/ America: Venezuela has been hit by another massive power cut, with the capital Caracas among the areas affected.

It is believed at least 18 of the country's 23 states have lost power, according to an AFP report. 

Information Minister Jorge Rodríguez said the power cut was caused by an "electromagnetic attack" and officials were working to restore power.

The Venezuelan government considers subversive acts of the American backed opposition to be the cause of country's power outages, which has been repeatedly reported in recent months.

In March Venezuela was hit by a series of power cuts, including one that affected all 23 states and lasted a week, leading to shortages and riots.

Another blackout in April plunged large portions of the country into darkness; however, that lasted hours rather than days.

On that occasions; President Nicolas Maduro had blamed unnamed "terrorists" for that near-nationwide blackout, claiming they had attacked the Guri hydroelectric plant in the south of the country that supplies power to 80 percent of Venezuela's 30 million inhabitants.  203/211/217


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