Supporters of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria have staged yet another protest to demand the release of their leader Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.

Hundreds of Nigerians have taken to the streets of Kaduna in north-western Nigeria on Friday Night to demand the release of senior Shia cleric Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.

Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) and pro-democracy group  have repeatedly demanded the release of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, his wife, Zeenah, and several hundreds of other members from detention.

Zakzaky has been imprisoned at an unknown location without charge since he was detained by security forces in 2015 after the Nigerian army carried out a raid on his residence in the northern town of Zaria during which he lost his left eyesight.

During the raid, Zakzaky’s wife sustained serious wounds too and more than 300 of his followers and three of his sons were killed.