A senior Russian lawmaker stressed that the Middle East peace and stability depends on Iran.

Iran Press/ Europe: "Under the condition that the US is putting too much pressure on Iran, still the country will remain a big player and the regional peace and stability is dependent on its policies,” Leonid Slutski, head of the Russian Duma (parliament) Foreign Relations Committee told the media on Sunday. 

He made the remarks after Iran announced the second phase of reduction of its nuclear commitments in response to the EU’s failure to live up to its obligations, IRNA reported.

Iran had warned that it would start enriching uranium at a higher level unless other European signatories to the deal protected its economy from the US sanctions within 60 days. 

The Iranian government announced on Sunday that it will enrich uranium higher than the agreed 3.67% under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Tehran says it will enrich as much as it needs to meet the internal nuclear demands. 

“The Iranian decision to enrich uranium is a result of the US provocative move,” said the Russian lawmaker. 

“Iran’s motivation and reason is totally understandable. This is the result of big planned provocative actions,” added Slutski. 

He mentioned that the US wasn’t “satisfied” with the way the JCPOA was implemented, so it beefed up its military presence near the Iranian border to provoke the country. 213/

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