Assassination attempt on two prosecutors in Kabul

Kabul's police spokesman has confirmed that there has been an assassination attempt on two prosecutors in the Afghan capital city.

Iran Press/Asia: Unidentified terrorists attacked two Afghan barristers (prosecutors) on Saturday morning in Kabul, which led to the killing of one and injury of the other, Kabul's police spokesman Ferdows Faramarz confirmed on Saturday.

Insecurity in the Afghan capital city is getting widespread despite the daily efforts of the police, Iran Press reported.

No individual or group has yet claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack.

Following an upsurge in terror attacks and more insecurity in the Afghan capital, the head of Afghanistan's Senate had recently urged United States to stop its negotiations with the Taliban. Many of the terrorist attacks in Afghanistan are carried out by the Taliban.

Yet, despite the escalation in terrorist attacks and unrest in Afghanistan, US is still negotiating with Taliban behind closed doors.

The Taliban has declared on many occasions that ceasefire and permanent peace would return to the country if the US military withdraw from Afghanistan and terminate their occupation of the country. 101/211/215

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