A new poll shows that supporters of stricter gun control laws in the U.S. is once again on the rise.

The percentage of people in support of stricter gun laws is the same as the percentage who reported favoring stricter gun laws following last year's mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert.

The poll was conducted by Politico/Morning Consult on Feb. 20 among 1,992 registered voters after the deadly shooting last week at a Florida high school.

Supporters of stricter gun laws comprise nearly two-thirds of registered voters, that is 64 percent of respondents, with just 30 percent who are opposed to such laws.

The poll shows Democrats are more in favor of tougher gun laws while Republicans are less in favor of it.

It shows 84 percent of Democrats are in favor of stricter gun control laws, compared with 45 percent of the Republicans.

Just 13 percent of Democrats opposed to stricter gun laws, compared with 49 percent opposition among Republicans which, in and out of itself, shows the degree of Republicans opposition to stricter gun control laws.

U.S. President Donald Trump and other prominent Republican politicians are among those who got the biggest boost from The National Rifle Association (NRA) cash.

The poll comes after a gunman opened fire at a high school in Florida last week, killing 17 people.

Survivors of the shooting have been rallying for gun control. Students have traveled to Florida's state capital and to Washington, D.C., to demand that lawmakers take action to prevent future school shootings.