In order to improve security in Kabul, Afghan security forces have begun a special operation.

Iran Press/Asia: Afghanistan security forces said on Sunday that the country's security forces have started a special operation to arrest terrorists, drug smugglers, criminal offenders and people who carry illegal weapons in Kabul.

According to Iran Press news agency, the order to commence the operation was given by Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of Afghanistan.

Kabul has been the scene of several terrorist attacks, bombing, and murders, during the past month.

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Meanwhile, Afghanistan's air force announced in a statement on Sunday that 15 Taliban fighters have been killed and several were injured in a series of airstrikes in 'Sangin' and 'Musa Qala' districts in Helmand province.

The Taliban's military positions were also destroyed in these airstrikes.

'Sangin' and 'Musa Qala' districts are the most dangerous areas in southern Afghanistan where Taliban terrorists have a substantial presence.

The war in Afghanistan started by United States invasion on 7 October 2001. The US Army was supported by NATO. One of the claimed war's aims was to remove the Taliban from power and to bring peace to the country.

After 18 years, the US and NATO have been unable to bring peace to Afghanistan, but also their military presence in Afghanistan is the main reason for increased violence and killings. 


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