Muslim communities condemned the shelling of the 'Ahat Jami mosque' in Donetsk by Ukrainian forces when Muslims were performing the Eid al-Fitr Prayer.

Iran Press /Europe: Building of the mosque was damaged as a result of shelling in the north-western outskirts of Donetsk in the morning of June 4. The dome of the mosque was damaged as a result of shelling.

There were people in the mosque on the occasion of one of the main Muslim holidays - Eid al-Fitr. They were forced to go down to the basement. No injuries reported.

 Donetsk Muslim community chairman, Rashid Bragin urged the international community including human rights organizations to influence Ukrainian authorities in connection with the shelling of the Ahat Jami mosque, RIA Novosti news agency reported.

Donetsk People’s Republic Head Denis Pushilin also condemned the attack and called it a " a new demonstration of inhumanity of Ukrainian forces".

"Sadly, this day was overshadowed by a treacherous strike delivered by Ukrainian armed formations… A mosque full of people came under fire halfway through the service,” Pushilin said. “Ukrainian forces demonstrated their inhumanity again.”

On Tuesday morning, Kiev forces shelled the Ahat Jami mosque in Donetsk’s Oktyabrsky neighbourhood as the Uraza Bayram (Eid al-Fitr) holiday celebration was underway.

Ahat Jami is the first cathedral mosque built in Donbass. It was unveiled on September 3, 1999. The mosque was shelled first time in August 2014.


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