Hundreds of Catalan independence supporters marched in Berlin on Sunday to demand the release of former Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, who was arrested in Germany last week and faces extradition to Spain on rebellion charges.

Huddled under umbrellas in the rainy German capital, the protesters walked from Brandenburg Gate to the justice ministry, carrying banners that read "Free Puigdemont and the Catalan political prisoners" and "Spain is not a democracy".

Many also waved Catalonia's blue, yellow and red separatist flag as they took part in the rally organized by the German branch of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC), a major grassroots pro-independence group.

34-year-old marketing worker, Monica Zaldivar,  said: "What we want to say is simple: "Free our elected Catalan politicians".

Zaldivar  accused the Spanish government of using the courts to go after Catalan leaders instead of trying to find a political solution. She added:  "For me, it's about democracy in Spain".

One of the organizers, Ferran Cornella, estimated the crowd of protesters to number between  "400 to 500" people, while German police said around 200 demonstrators were present.

Puigdemont was arrested by German highway police last Sunday as he was traveling from Finland back to Belgium, where has been living in self-imposed exile since Catalonia's failed independence bid last October.