Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi condemned the US statesmen’s remarks about using force and military act against Venezuela.

Iran Press/Iran news: Seyyed Abbas Mousavi noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran strongly condemns the US efforts to carry out coup d’état or any military action in Venezuela to help promote hostility in the country, Iran Press reported.

“Threatening to use force against other countries is blatant violation of international law, especially UN Charter,” he said, adding that the UN secretary general and the international community are expected to denounce such stances and show appropriate reaction to them.

Unfortunately, international order faces threats by the war-mongers and chaos-seekers in the US administration, he said, urging the international community to undertake responsibility of curbing the moves.

Mousavi made the remarks after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday warned Caracas government that Washington is ready to undertake military action to interfere in Venezuela's crisis.

On May 1, Venezuela President said that country's army have thwarted a "deranged" coup attempt masterminded by Venezuela’s “coup-mongering far right” and Donald Trump’s deranged imperialist “gang”.

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The Trump administration is trying to apply economic pressure to Venezuela's left-leaning government, headed by president Nicolas Maduro, and at the same time the administration has also threatened to take military action against Venezuela.

Venezuelan oppositions politician Juan Guaido, so keen to get rid of Maduro, is also egging on the Trump administration to take military action against Caracas.

The new political crisis in Venezuela began when Guaido called himself president on 23 January, with the Trump administration immediately backing his claim. The Venezuelan government described Guido's action as an attempted coup d'etat against the elected president Nicholas Maduro. 103


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