The Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, speaking at a major military parade in south Tehran on Thursday morning emphasized that America's leadership is angry at the undoubted power and clout of Iran's armed forces.

Iran Press/Iran news: In a televised speech on Thursday morning, on the occasion of National Army Day, President Rouhani praised the Iranian Army for countless sacrifices in the way of the Islamic revolution, the Islamic establishment, and for guarding the independence and territorial integrity of the Iranian nation.

President Rouhani also praised the 'very valuable role' that the Iranian army played in the days leading up to 11th February 1979, the triumph of the Islamic revolution.

Turning to the major world powers, President Rouhani said: "Today, major powers don't want to see any stability, security, unity, brotherhood, and protection of national interests in this region. He poignantly added: "We have all seen what America's military interventions have done in this region, in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen. The American military have committed myriad crimes in these countries, and the only 'souvenir' left from America's military intervention in these countries is destruction and murder."

President Rouhani also praised the IRGC (Islamic Revolution Guard Corps) for its advances in manufacturing of military hardware and the sacrifices it has made in defeating Western-backed terrorists. He also admonished the Trump administration for labelling the IRGC 'a terrorist organization. He poignantly added: "This is not just an insult to the IRGC  but to the whole of the Iranian nation, since the IRGC is from the Iranian people and the Iranian people consider themselves as part of the IRGC (Islamic Revolution Guard Corps). Under the current sensitive conditions, the status and position of IRGC is higher than ever before."

The Iranian president went on to lambaste America's leadership for insulting the Iranian nation by branding the IRGC (Islamic Revolution Guard Corps) as terrorist. 103/211