Tehran (IP) - The Secretary General of the 'Free Bahrain Movement' says that the people of Bahrain want their legitimate rights like self-determination, in the path of their peaceful movement.

Iran PressMiddle East: Bahrain parliamentary elections will be held on November 12, 2022, and the Bahraini Revolutionaries boycotted the election for months because they believe that the election is not free and is against the interest of the people.

'Abdul Raouf Al-Shayib' Secretary General of the 'Free Bahrain Movement' in an interview with Iran Press in Tehran, said that Bahraini people want the freedom to determine their destiny, choose leaders, and have a constitution approved by the nation.

'Abdul Raouf Al-Shayib' stressed that the peaceful political and legal protests of the Bahraini people were suppressed by the Al-Khalifa regime, but people will not return from their path and the Bahraini nation insists on its right to self-determination.

The secretary general of the Free Bahrain movement stated that the constitution of Bahrain should be approved by the people, not seek to divert the nation's path, strengthen tyranny, and make an alliance with the Zionist regime.

Since February 14, 2011, Bahrain has witnessed a popular uprising against the Al-Khalifa regime.

The people want freedom, justice, elimination of discrimination, and a political system based on a free and fair election.


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