Qeshm (IP): Chahkooh Canyon is located 70 km from Qeshm city and next to Chahu Sharghi village.

Iran PressIran news: Chahkooh Canyon, with a depth of 100 meters, shows erosion of sedimentary rocks and is part of Qeshm Island Geopark in Hormozgan province, southern Iran.

The reason for the fame of Chahkooh Canyon is due to the existence of three or four wells in the heart of this valley, which in ancient times were dug by the residents of Chahu Sharghi village to supply fresh water.

Due to the hot and dry climate of Qeshm Island, freshwater stored in Chahkooh Canyon is of high value, and wells have been used as rainwater storage.

Chahkooh Canyon is located in the heart of an integrated rock mountain.

Chahkooh initially appears wide and with high walls but gradually decreases in width to the point where it becomes difficult to pass through, but the height of the walls is still high.

Having parallel erosion lines and holes in the body of Chahkooh Canyon has attracted tourists to this place. 


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