Nairobi(IP): This Year’s Ceremony commemorating Quds Day held in Nairobi, Kenya Was organized and hosted by Peace League Africa Which is a Kenyan Registered Organization established in 2014 and operates in various parts of Kenya by partnering with other community organizations.

Iran PressAfrica: The theme of the event was “The Palestinians Future in the World’s View.” It was held at Sir Ali Muslim Hall located on Park Road. The Speakers were well-known and prolific figures in the society such as. Sheikh Mohammad Khan is the Chairman of the Council of Imams and preachers of Kenya.

Speaking at the event, he said; “The only solution for Palestine is Jihad.” Regarding this, he commended the Palestinians for their bravery by saying, “A brave man dies once, but a coward dies every day.”The event was attended by a staggering amount of approximately 250 people men and women, both Muslim and non-Muslim. They wore Keffiyeh which is a symbol of the Palestinians and held flags of Palestine in support of the movement. Banners were hung demonstrating support for Palestine and condemning the acts of the Israeli regime with different messages such as, “Stop war, free Palestine. ” Save Palestine.” The hall was decorated with Kenyan and Palestinian Flag Colours.

An activist from the Christian community urged people to boycott all organizations supporting Israel and said that by buying from them, we people fund the genocide in Gaza since these organizations are financing the equipment being used against Palestinians.

Sheikh Muhammad Mwega, a Producer and Shia scholar who was among the speakers quoted a verse from the holy Qur’an,” Surely God does not change the condition of a people until they change the condition of themselves.” And congratulated the resistance for standing firm against oppression. He further stated that what is happening in Palestine is an Injustice against the whole of humanity, if we fail to stand against it and change the situation, it will grow and come to our doorsteps. When the Zionists obliterate Palestine, they will come for all of us.

Hassan Kinyua, a lecturer of religious studies at The University of Nairobi said, “You must stand up and fight Injustice.” While addressing the audience. He further quoted the huge number at which Palestinians are being Murdered and strangled to death while some are being “slaughtered.

”Sheikh Abdul Haneen Abubakar explained the establishment of Israel on Palestinian soil. The United Nations Divided Palestine into Jewish and Palestinian Arab States, Israel gradually confiscated the Land of the Palestinians and thus expanded their occupation territory Israel is an Apartheid state because it does not respect International Law. It has 28 violations of International Law. Israel's settlement is Illegal, Israel's taking of Palestinian land is illegal, Israel is practising ethnic cleansing, and Israel is an apartheid state which is also illegal. These are just but a few examples.

All these raise the question, why does Israel not respect international Laws? Scholars say it is because of the power imbalances in the Security Council.


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