IP- US Central Command confirmed that eight service members were medically evacuated from Jordan after being wounded in Sunday’s drone attack on a US outpost near the Syrian border, CNN reported.

Iran Press/ West Asia: On Sunday, The Islamic Resistance in Iraq said it attacked several targets along the Jordan-Syria border Sunday — including a camp near the US base in Jordan called 'Tower 22' where 3 soldiers were killed and more than 30 others wounded.

The "personnel that received injuries required evacuation from Jordan to higher level care," CENTCOM said in a statement.

Earlier, CNN quoted a US official as saying that commanders of the US base in Jordan were forced to evacuate eight soldiers to the United States medical centers in other countries after diagnosing traumatic brain injuries.

The killing of three Americans at Tower 22 in Jordan near the border with Syria is a significant escalation of an already precarious situation in West Asia. 


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