The British Prime Minister promised 125 anti-aircraft guns and other air-defense technology as he made an unannounced visit Saturday his first -- to Ukraine's snow-blanketed war-time capital for talks with the Ukrainian President.

Iran Press/Europe: The air-defense package, which Britain valued at £50 million (€47 million), comes as Russia has been pounding Ukraine's power grid and other key infrastructure from the air, causing widespread blackouts for millions of Ukrainians as the frigid cold of winter draws near.

The UK has been one of the staunchest Western supporters of Ukraine’s resistance to Russia’s invasion, giving Kyiv £2.3 billion (€2.6 billion) in military aid.

Zelenskyy described the two countries as “the strongest of allies.”

“With friends like you by our side, we are confident in our victory. Both of our nations know what it means to stand up for freedom,” the Ukrainian leader said on Twitter.

“The courage of the Ukrainian people is an inspiration to the world,” Sunak said in comments alongside Zelenskyy in the presidential palace. “In years to come, we will tell our grandchildren of your story.” 219

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