Rescuers rushed to evacuate people stranded by devastating floods across the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul on Tuesday, with at least 90 dead, thousands left homeless, and desperate survivors seeking food and basic supplies.

Iran PressAmerica: On the outskirts of Eldorado do Sul, 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) from the state capital of Porto Alegre, many people were sleeping on the roadside and told Reuters they were going hungry. Entire families were leaving on foot, carrying belongings in backpacks and shopping carts.

The state's Civil Defense agency said the death toll had risen to 90 with another four deaths being investigated, while 131 people were still unaccounted for and 155,000 homeless.

The heavy rains that began last week have caused rivers to flood, inundating whole towns and destroying roads and bridges.

Global warming exacerbates these phenomena and intensifies the effects between such systems, making weather unpredictable, said Marcelo Schneider, a National Meteorology Institute (Inmet) researcher.


The floods have also impacted water and electricity services, with more than 1.4 million affected overall, according to Civil Defense.

Almost half a million people were without power in Porto Alegre and outlying towns as electricity companies cut off supplies for security reasons in flooded neighborhoods. National grid operator ONS said five hydroelectric dams and transmission lines were shut down due to the heavy rains.

The city's airport, its apron under water, has suspended all flights since Friday.


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