Yerevan (IP) – The Blue Mosque is the largest mosque with Iranian architecture in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.

Iran PressAsia: The Blue Mosque of Yerevan was built by Hossein-Ali Khan Yerevani, the governor of Yerevan, in 1179 AH.

The architecture of this mosque is taken from the Blue Mosque of Tabriz.

The Blue Mosque of Yerevan is the only monument of Iranian art and architecture in Armenia and has special material and spiritual importance and value.

There are three Mihrabs (sanctuaries) in this mosque which indicate the presence of disciples of different religions in Yerevan, and the stone inscriptions have been brought from Isfahan.

The mosque is one of the valuable examples of four-porch mosques, and it has also been used as a school. The Blue Mosque of Yerevan has 28 rooms, and there are 14 rooms on each side of the courtyard.

The nave and main courtyard of the mosque have beautiful turquoise tiles, lattice windows and stained glass.

The activities carried out in the Blue Mosque in Yerevan are cultural and educational;  holding various religious ceremonies and Persian language classes are among the cultural activities carried out in this mosque.


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