Palestine (IP) - The head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) says US President Joe Biden's visit to Saudi Arabia confirms the American policy in normalization of regional countries with the Israeli regime.

Iran PressMiddle East: US president Joe Biden will travel to the Middle East from July 13-16 and will go to Saudi Arabia from Tel Aviv for the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council Summit on July 16.

Biden is scheduled to meet with the Israeli regime's authorities in Palestine and then proceed to Saudi Arabia on Wednesday. 

Joe Biden's trip to Palestine and Saudi Arabia faced an adverse reaction from the people of the region, including the Palestinian people and the Resistance Group, the PFLP head stated.

The head of PFLP Ahmad Kharis told Iran Press correspondent that Biden's trip to Palestine and Saudi Arabia would bring about nothing but devastation for the Arab nations. 

He noted that the trip would take place within the framework of the formation of Arabic NATO and called for all freedom-seekers of the world to protest the US-cooked plot in the region. 

Kharis said that through the trip Biden aims to uncover the Saudi-Israeli relations during Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's career, stressing the Palestinian groups rejected Biden's visit and wanted to strengthen the "Axis of Resistance".


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