Bagheri Kani:

Beirut (IP) - Stating that the stability and development of Lebanon is the goal of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran stated that the close relations between Iran and Lebanon is the main indicator of stability in the region.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Following a meeting with Abdallah Rashid Bouhabib, Lebanese Foreign Minister on Monday, Ali Bagheri Kani in a joint press conference said: "Close relations between Iran and Lebanon is the main indicator of stability in the region, just as the Islamic resistance in Lebanon is the anchor of stability and peace in the region."

Pointing to the Gaza developements, Bagheri Kani said: "All the countries of the region, especially the Islamic countries, should have a collective movement to confront the Israelis' aggression in Palestine, especially Rafah."

In repostpones to Biden's ceasefire proposal in case of the regional countries' normalization of ties with the Israeli regime, Bagheri said that the Resistance front has reached the intellectual maturity to make decision about Palestine.
He said that several years ago when the Israeli regime was normalizing ties with some states in the West Asia, was not such scandalized among the world's nations and states, noting that Israel had better to care about if other countries would not cut off their ties with it. 
The Iranian Acting FM remembered the reports that if the US really seeks a ceasefire, it must stop supporting the Israeli regime with arms and money because if the support is cut the regime's hands are empty to commit genocide against the people of Palestine. 
Palestine's Resistance has repeatedly announced that it will seriously go through the political process if the Israeli attacks end up, the blockade on Gaza is completely lifted, the people have access to aid, the Palestinian prisoners are freed, and the Israeli troops withdraw from Gaza.
He clarified that today the Israeli regime has no legitimacy in any community and before the general public of the world and the normalization of ties is nothing more than a trick to compensate for the regime and its supporters, the US in particular, against the Islamic Resistance.  
"That the US just thought of proposing ceasefire after 8 months while it is the main supplier of weapons and bombs to the Israeli regime to pour them on the heads of Palestinians in Gaza, is actually a sign of the US hypocrisy, he added.
With regard to the possibility of the Israeli regime's attack on Lebanon, Ali Bagheri told reporters that such a pompous regime that is supported by the US has fall behind defeating the Resistance in such a besieged strip as Gaza for 8 months, so it must basically abandon the idea of attacking Lebanon. 
Iran's consistent and historical policy has been to support the Lebanese nation, army, and resistance against threats of Israel, he said and noted that the Islamic Republic's foreign policy is not something that is changed as a West-oriented party take power in Iran. 
The Iranian top diplomat emphasized that the Islamic Republic has good relations with the regional countries while the Israeli regime is the source of insecurity in the region.
He referred to the recent punitive Operation True Promise against the Israeli regime in response to its attack on Iranian consulate in Syria, saying that Iran proved that Iran is capable of establishing security in the region and uses the due instrument to do so. 
With regard to Iran-Saudi Arabia relations Bagheri said that the ties resorted are on their right path and the two sides are following up constructive mechanisms to maintain peace and security in the region along with other countries. 
He said that Gaza, especially Rafah, was one of the pivotal issues he discussed in the meeting with his Saudi counterpart Faisal bin Farhan and that the two stressed influential actions by the Islamic countries to stop the Israeli genocidal war on Gaza.

In this press conference, Abdallah Rashid Bouhabib pointed that the continuation of the war in Gaza and the ongoing crimes against the Palestinians, weaken the chances of peace in the region.

Ali Bagheri Kani left for Beirut on Monday morning in his first trip as the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, with the aim of talking with Lebanese authorities about the continuation and expansion of bilateral relations, as well as consultation about regional and international issues, especially the latest developments in Palestine.


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