Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu described Astana Process as the only successful international initiative for the settlement of Syrian crisis, saying that some instead of joining the process are trying to isolate it.

In a tripartite meeting with his Iranian and Russian counterparts on Saturday, he added that such works do not correspond to justice, noting the trio held three sessions over the past one and half a months which indicates that they have solid cooperation.

“Astana Process helped minimize violence in Syria between the government and opponents,” he said, noting that today all are expecting the Astana Process to solve Syrian crisis within the framework of Geneva Process.

Iran, Turkey and Russia are actively cooperating within the frameworks of Astana Process, as they believe in the significance and vitality of the process, he said.

Referring to Syrian-Syrian Dialogue Congress in Sochi, Cavusoglu said that the congress gave a special impetus to Geneva Talks. 

“Therefore, we should turn the potential into a big move to attain good results and find sustainable way out of Syrian crisis,” he said.

He called on the international community to stop rhetoric and beef up efforts to end Syrian crisis.

It is necessary for Iran, Russia and Turkey to coordinate their efforts, he said, noting, “The mechanism of consultation we have devised regarding Syria will help us in other regional and international affairs.”

“We have from the beginning said that Syrian territorial integrity and unity should be maintained and we will continue fighting terrorist groups including Daesh,” he said.

The Turkish foreign minister also said that some terrorists supported by the US should leave Syria.