Farhad Sarkhosh, the head of the provincial office of the Headquarters for the Revival of Urmia Lake in West Azerbaijan province, said that the area of ​​the lake has reached more than 2,785 square kilometers, compared to 2014.

Iran Press/Iran news: Stating the level of Lake Urmia has reached 1,271 meters and 24 centimeters, Farhad Sarkhosh, said: The government's support in reviving the lake have caused its level to increase by more than 1,200 centimeters compared to the minimum recorded level.

Regarding the amount of water in Lake Urmia, he said: "The volume of water in the lake has exceeded 3 billion and 260 million cubic meters, which has increased more than 5 times compared to 2015 and before the Headquarters for Revival of the Lake started its work."

The head of the provincial office of Lake Urmia Rehabilitation Headquarters, pointing out that last year more than 1 billion and 425 million cubic meters of water flowed into the lake as water right, added: we will see a rise in the level of Urmia Lake again with its water right flowing in the coming weeks. 215/214

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