Iran's lead negotiator, Deputy Foreign Minister while dismissing any interim agreement said that the Islamic Republic of Iran only talks on the final step in nuclear talks to lift the oppressive sanctions against the Iranian people.

Iran PressEurope: Seyed Abbas Araghchi, Deputy Foreign Minister and head of Iran's negotiating team in Vienna, in response to some false reports in the Western media, emphasized that there should be no discussion on 'interim agreement' or similar issues in the talks between Iran and the P4 + 1 group.

Araghchi stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran is only talking about the final step in lifting the oppressive sanctions against the Iranian people and that rumors such as step-by-step plans or an interim agreement are baseless.

Araghchi added that Iran, as the Supreme Leader emphasized, will not allow the negotiations to be eroded and time-consuming in any way, at the same time, Iran will not rush to reach a conclusion, and it is stated clearly that the talks must be conducted carefully with the interests of the country in mind.

In the end, Araghchi noted that any decision on the process and results of the talks will be made in Tehran and that the negotiating team will report to the high-ranking officials on a regular basis. 219