Kabul (IP): The Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister said that the strategic document between Iran and Afghanistan consists of 5 parts, 4 of which have been finalized, and only the security part of this document remains, which will be finalized soon.

Iran Press/Iran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press in Kabul on the sidelines of a visit to Afghan and meeting with senior Afghan officials on Saturday night, Abbas Araghchi stressed the importance of intensive consultations between the two countries saying Iran and Afghanistan are neighbors and share common interests and concerns.

"Afghanistan has been involved in many problems and the Iranian people and government have always stood by the Afghan people and government," he said.

"This association shows that peace and stability in Afghanistan is peace and stability in Iran and that the well-being of the Afghan people is directly related to the progress of the Iranian people, and this is a strategic fact," Araghchi said.

"I think all the people of Afghanistan acknowledge that the source of the country's problems in the last 40 years has come from different places and from other countries," said Iran's deputy foreign minister.

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister said the damage that Afghanistan has suffered in the last 40 years has not been from Iran.

Araghchi said he had traveled to Kabul to discuss a comprehensive strategic document between Iran and Afghanistan, and hoped that this round of talks in Kabul would be the final round, as good progress had been made on the document.

"We hope for a final conclusion on the Comprehensive Strategic Document today," said the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister.

Commenting on some comments on the location of the Afghan peace talks in Doha, Araghchi said that the Afghan peace talks in Doha are negotiations between the Afghans themselves and no country should interfere in the details, and ideally, the talks should be inside Afghanistan and of course, only Afghans should decide in this regard.


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