April 1, 1979; manifestation of national will on establishment of Islamic Republic

Tehran (IP)- In a statement on the occasion of April 1, 1979 referendum on the political structure of Iran, the Islamic Propagation Coordination Council (IPCC) called on April 1 a day for realizing the Iranian people's will, determination, empathy, and unity in establishing a sacred system of the Islamic Republic.

Iran PressIran News: The  Islamic Propagation Coordination Council (IPCC) noted March 1, 1979, as the national mark and criteria of the Islamic Revolution and a day when the slogan of "Independence, Freedom, Islamic Republic" of the heroic and courageous nation of Islamic Iran was realized.

The statement called the day as the manifestation of national will and Iranians’ collective desire to curtail the internal and external agents of the hegemonic system and the Pahlavi regime in determining its fate.


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