London (IP) - On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, demonstrations against extremism have been held all across the UK on Saturday. The biggest was in London where protesters marched on Downing Street as part of an event called "Stand Up to Racism".

Iran Press /Europe: Anti-racism groups gathered in central London on March 16. Protesters gathered at the Home Office on Marsham Street at noon, with a march towards Whitehall. The demonstration began with a rally in front of the British Home Office in London and then continued through the streets of central London.

Thousands of members of trade unions and employees, Islamic organizations, human rights activists, supporters of Palestine, opponents of Zionism and Israel, immigrants and asylum seekers, several politicians, and artists participated in anti-racism demonstrations in London. 

The action denounced alleged racist rhetoric regarding the conflict in the Middle East and immigration topics in UK politics.

The students participated in the demonstration and condemned the intensification of far-right activities and the restriction of freedom of expression in Britain.

The anti-racism demonstration in London continued with a gathering in front of several important locations such as the British Home Office, Downing Street, the ministries, the British Parliament, and Buckingham Palace.

The demonstrators carried handwritten notes with slogans written on them. The slogans condemned the anti-human rights policies of the British government, supported the Palestinians and the rights of refugees, emphasized the need to remove the conservative government, condemned Islamophobia, and called for the defense of civil liberties. 204

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