Yemen (IP): In response to Saudi Arabia's initiative to end the Yemeni war, Ansarullah's spokesman said on Monday that there was nothing new in the plan.

Iran PressMiddle East: Mohammed Abdulsalam wrote in a tweet that on the eve of the seventh anniversary of the invasion of Yemen, we reminded the aggressor countries that they must completely stop their attacks on Yemen and end the siege.

He added that Saudi Arabia was part of the war, and it must end the naval and air blockade imposed on Yemen immediately.

The reopening of airports and ports is a humanitarian action, and the act should not be used as a tool for blackmail, Ansarullah’s Spokesman said.

Ansarullah’s attacks on Saudi Arabia eventually forced the country to offer its peace plan to end Yemen's war.

A few hours ago, the Saudi foreign minister announced an initiative for a massive ceasefire throughout Yemen under UN supervision and lifting Sana'a airport's siege.