Kuala Lumpur (IP) - An Iranian woman won the Muslim World Rania Award in 2024 in Malaysia.

Iran PressAsia: The Muslim World Rania Award in 2024 was held on Friday in Kuala Lumpur with the presence of the wife of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, the Minister of Women, Family, and Social Affairs of Malaysia, the Deputy Ministers of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Malaysia, foreign diplomats residing in Malaysia and several guests from Islamic countries.

In this ceremony, the wife of the Prime Minister of Malaysia presented the Rania Award to 14 selected women of the Islamic world, including Iran's Maryam Tajabadi.

13 other ladies from Nigeria, Senegal, Bahrain, UAE, Singapore, and Malaysia (eight people) received the award.

This congress is held annually and the previous meeting was held in 2019.

Maryam Tajabadi is a university professor and a member of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce.

A few years ago, Fatemeh Moghimi, a successful Iranian entrepreneur, received the first Islamic World Women Entrepreneur Award in Kuala Lumpur on the sidelines of the 8th Islamic World Business Conference and Exhibition.

The Muslim World Rania Award 2024

The meaning of “Rania” is derived from the word “Queen”. There is no doubt that women carry big responsibilities in their role of contributing to all aspects of human life. There has not been any known divine or man-made law that does not give women their due rights in society. Failing to clearly understand their role leads to disparaging women’s values and hence denying those rights. All stages of history are full of examples of women who excelled even better than their male counterparts.

Islam, for instance, elevates the status of women to be completely equal to men, and it rejects any act of downgrading their physical and/or intellectual capabilities. However, many people accuse the Islamic teachings of being unfair towards women. This accusation comes in the first place as a result of misinterpreting the verses of the Holy Quran, without looking at the authentic narrations and explanations. What supports the criticism of those people are perhaps some cultural practices that have no roots in any of the Quranic verses.

In recognition of the women’s efforts and to appreciate their feat in all sections of our life, the OIC International Business Centre has the pleasure to announce the presentation of “The Muslim World Rania Award” to selected distinguished women from around the Muslim world. The award presentation for the third time, will take place at a special ceremony during the undertaking of the annual event “The Muslim World Women's Summit 2024”


The award is to recognize and appreciate the rights of all women around the world by showing examples of outstanding women in the Muslim World, who face enormous challenges along the way toward success and excellence:

(1) Emphasize the role women play in attaining comprehensive development of the Islamic economy.

(2) Present real stories of how women can be successful business leaders without compromising their other duties.

(3) Inspire the youth, especially girls, in their work towards utilizing rights for their benefit and the benefit of others.

(4) Integrate the efforts of men and women based on mutual understanding and acceptance of each other's rights and responsibilities.