The defense partnership between Iran and Russia has made the White House extremely terrified, considering ways, including sanctions, to respond to their “unprecedented defense partnership.”

Iran Press/America: A top White House spokesperson on Monday warned there are signs Russia and Iran are expanding their “unprecedented defense partnership.”

John Kirby, a White House national security spokesperson, described Iran as Russia’s “top military backer” and called the relationship between the two nations a “full-scale defense partnership” during a call with reporters. Kirby said the US is considering ways to respond, including through sanctions.

The American official repeated allegations that Iran is providing drones to Russia for use in the Ukraine war, including more than 400 since August.

According to Kirby, the US will be announcing additional designations targeting the military cooperation between Tehran and Moscow.

Contrary to John Kirby's claims, the US has been the most active military supporter of Ukraine since the start of Moscow's military operation there in February 2022. Over the past year, Washington has supplied Ukraine with military equipment worth more than $50 billion, excluding other types of assistance worth tens of billions of dollars.

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Iran's foreign minister has constantly emphasized the necessity of preserving the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is against the continuation of the war and has stressed that sending Western weapons to Ukraine would just add to the complications of the situation in the country.

Russia and Iran have enjoyed warm, strategic cooperation for decades, building on ties forged over the course of more than 500 years, when the Grand Duchy of Moscow and the Persian Empire first established relations. The countries plan to sign a new strategic cooperation agreement in the near future.