Tehran (IP) - Referring to some suspicions surrounding the initial verdicts issued regarding the Ukraine plane crash, the spokesman of the judiciary said: "Acting against security” and "intentional murder" have not been proven for the judges of the document.

Iran Press/Iran news: Massoud Setayeshi in a press conference on Wednesday and in response to the question of the Iran Press reporter said: "We have legal restrictions on announcing the names, they will be announced after the verdict will be finalized."

He noted: The judges of this case found the case to be semi-intentional murder and the maximum punishment is three years in prison. Additional punishments are also provided for the criminals.

In another part of the press regarding the employment plans of prisoners in the new year, Setayeshi said: Holding training courses for 95,000 people, planning to issue an industrial card for 2,400 people, developing productive job opportunities 7 percent more than last year and planning to increase the wages of working prisoners compared to last year are among the plans of the judiciary.

Laws on observing hijab in Society

The spokesman of the judiciary also in response to a question about the law on observing hijab in society highlighted: Cultural institutions have duties in this field and the judiciary will also fulfill its responsibilities. We expect all the organizations to compensate for the previous deficiencies.

Also, he pointed out: The agreement on the transfer of convicts between Iran and Belgium is in its final stage and the documents have been exchanged.

He added that since the Belgian government requests the return of the Belgian citizen accused of espionage in Iran, the accused will be exchanged with Asadullah Asadi, an Iranian citizen in Belgium.

The spokesman of the judiciary in response to a question about when the final decision of the prosecutor's office on the case of those caught in last year’s unrest, said: Regarding the various crimes that are committed, the cases should be processed in the courts in the shortest possible time and sent to the authorities to issue a legal verdict. 

We do not accept that people are under detention for a long time.

Elaborating on Elaha Mohammadi and Niloufar Hamidi, two journalists who were arrested in the past year's unrest, he said: These cases include an indictment that has been served. The accusation of these two people is cooperation with the hostile government of the US and consensus and collusion against national security and propaganda activity against the regime.


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