Tehran(IP)- The deputy Atomic Energy Organization of Iran emphasized that Enemies are extremely afraid of Iran's nuclear industry becoming a model for other Islamic countries.

Iran PressIran news: April 9, 2006, is a turning point in the history of the nuclear industry of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and a reminder of the national pride of Iranians in achieving nuclear power despite all kinds of sanctions from the enemies.

On this date, the news of Iran's acquisition of peaceful nuclear technology and the complete uranium enrichment chain was announced; Despite all the sanctions and disruptions, Iran was able to achieve the full cycle of nuclear fuel production, and by acquiring a new generation of centrifuges and announcing it to the International Atomic Energy Agency, it became one of the countries with uranium enrichment technology and joined the member countries of the nuclear club.

Seyed Pejman Shirmardi, Deputy Director of AEOI, referred to nuclear technology as a power-creating industry and said: "Nuclear industry is the driving force of other industries and can move other industries."

According to Iran press news agency, the deputy of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran added: "Nuclear technology has many applications in various sectors of health, food security, and agriculture, environment, and other industries, which we are currently benefiting from."

Shirmardi stated about the production of radiopharmaceuticals in the country: "These drugs are produced in the country with the help of nuclear technology, and if we did not have this technology amid current sanctions, we would have faced many problems in providing medicine to patients."

The deputy of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran noted: "Iran is one of the 13 countries in the world with a complete nuclear fuel cycle, and the most basic cycle to the production of nuclear fuel in the country is carried out by Iranian experts."

"Shirmardi" emphasized that the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the 32 countries in the world that has a nuclear reactor.

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