Tehran (IP) - Iranian President said on Monday that Iran is a producer and exporter of vaccines today, adding that it does not import them.

Iran PressIran News: President Raisi made the remarks at the 28th Razi Medical Research and Technology Festival which was held in Tehran.

In his remarks, the president appreciated the doctors, nurses, and those active in the health sector for providing the general public with health services to save their lives.

He also hailed researchers who, as he underlined, made the country proud of their achievements.

Also, exemplary researchers are to be hailed at the Razi Festival.

Elsewhere, the president referred to medical achievements in the country, adding that over 90 percent of medicines are being domestically manufactured.

Raisi appreciated the researchers who made them proud in the production section of the items mentioned.

Referring to Iran's achievements in the field of medicine, especially the production and export of vaccines, Raisi said: "We must maintain and improve the country's scientific authenticity and think about increasing productivity."

Referring to his meeting with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, the Iranian president said: "During that meeting, Guterres apologized several times for not being able to stop Iran's pharmaceutical sanctions."


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