Middle East (IP)- A US Army combat support convoy was targeted early Thursday in Baghdad's Al Yousafiya.

Iran PressMiddle East: Details or pictures of this attack on the American military convoy in Iraq have not yet been published, however, one of the groups known as "Al-Moqwamat al-Dawliyyah" (International Resistance Group) has taken responsibility for this attack.

The statement of this group, read: "Your children in the international resistance group succeeded in attacking a logistics support convoy belonging to the American occupation in "Yusufiyah of Baghdad province at 12:30 am today, January 19, and destroyed it. 

After months of halting attacks, this is the second attack on US military convoys in Iraq in the last week.

A week ago on Thursday, security sources reported the explosion of a roadside bomb on the way of the convoy of American coalition forces on the "Al-Taji" road to Baghdad.

In recent days and coinciding with the third anniversary of the martyrdom of the Resistance commanders, the heads of the Iraqi resistance groups, including the Al-Nujaba movement, emphasized the need for the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq and announced that if the Iraqi government does not take action in this regard, the resistance will take the necessary measures. 


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