IP- Iranian documentary 'Morad' won the Bronze Award of the 55th "Wordfest Houston" international festival in America.

Iran PressAmerica: The documentary directed and produced by Ruhollah Fakhro won the Remi Bronze Award in the Fantasy section of the 55th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival.

This movie had earlier won the Best Director Award at the Vesuvius International Film Festival in Italy and the award for the best short documentary at 55th WorldFest-Houston.

The Houston International Film Festival is the third oldest film festival in North America, started in 1961, right after New York and San Francisco.

"WorldFest-Houston" is the world's oldest independent video film festival, which became an international competitive film festival in April 1968, and is now considered one of the three largest festivals in North America, along with the New York and San Francisco festivals.

The Iranian documentary is about the love story of "Morid and Morad," a life whose reality is closely associated with a miracle.

A social documentary is about the boy who takes care of his mother with deficiency and faces many things through his life that seems to be a miracle.


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