China sent a serious remonstrance to the US over Washington's approval of arms deliveries to Taiwan to the tune of $95 mln and for helping Taipei service Patriot surface-to-air missiles systems (SAMs), the Chinese Defense Ministry said on Thursday.

Iran PressAsia: "The American side has already approved the sale of military technologies and armaments to Taiwan for $95 mln and will also provide it with specialists to service its Patriot SAMs," the Chinese Defense Ministry’s statement said. According to the message, "China expresses resolute protest over this matter and in relation to this, we made a serious remonstrance to the US."

The statement specifies that such actions by Washington are a "serious violation of agreements and gross interference in China’s domestic affairs."

"The Chinese People’s Liberation Army will undertake active measures to torpedo any attempts by external forces to provide support to Taiwanese separatists under any excuses. We will resolutely defend our country's national sovereignty and territorial integrity," the document stressed.

Beijing is alarmed at the military and technical cooperation between Washington and Taipei. China’s authorities periodically reiterate to the White House the need to observe the "One China" policy. Taiwan has been governed by its local administration since 1949, but Beijing regards the island as one of its provinces. Most countries, including Russia, support the position.


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