The Chinese authorities are demanding that the US make sure that the activities of its military biolabs are fully transparent, the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman said at his weekly briefing.

 Iran PressAsia: "We once again insist that the US should ensure full transparency of the activities related to military biological technologies," Zhao Lijian said at the briefing on Wednesday.

He was responding to a TASS question as to how the Chinese Foreign Ministry viewed Washington’s attempts to dodge responsibility amid the revelation of US military biological activities in Ukraine.

According to the Chinese diplomat, the US also should stop "unilaterally opposing a monitoring mechanism operating in accordance with the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention."

Zhao Lijian emphasized that this was the way Washington "can help strengthen global security."

A Russian Foreign Ministry source told TASS on Tuesday that by "warning Russia against using biological and chemical weapons in Ukraine," the United States sought to duck responsibility for its military biological activities in the country and cover up a large-scale false flag it was plotting to stage together with Kyiv.

The source specified that Russia had long been aware of the United States' "criminal ways".