Speaking at the opening of the 30th national exhibition of handicrafts of Iran, Ali Shamkhani, the secretary of Iran's national security council stressed that handicrafts offer a way of creating wealth out of art and culture.

In an interview with Iran press on Saturday , Shamkhani said exporting handicrafts will make our economy less dependent on oil revenues.

Asked what is the importance and significance of handicrafts, Shamkhani replied:  "Handicrafts means culture, handicrafts means wealth creation with the least outlay, it means exports, it means a sanctions-resistant economy , it means a resistant economy, handicrafts mean the soft power of the Islamic Republic of Iran !!"

Elsewhere in his remarks Ali Shamkhani said we have 290 different types of handicrafts . We are third in the world after China and India in terms of the variety of our handicrafts.

 The secretary of Iran's national security council added:  "The total global market for handicrafts, the total trade in handicrafts is about 300 Billion dollars. Out of this, Iran's market share of export of handicrafts is about 500 million dollars.  Thus  we have a huge potential to increase our market share of exports,  given the shear variety and quality of our handicrafts."

In further remarks, Shamkhani said: "Our handicraft industry has great potential and promise. It can create jobs for young people . Exporting of handicrafts will bring in foreign currencies and revenues and can make our economy less dependent on oil exports. The reason I have been invited to this national exhibition is that I have my own ideas about wealth creation out of art, culture and handicrafts. This is why we have gathered here.  We are trying to  create wealth out of culture and handicrafts."