Tehran (IP) – Iran's health minister says the level of antibodies drops after six months of COVID vaccination, and another dose is needed.

Iran PressIran News: Responding to Iran Press about continuing the vaccination process to the third dose, Bahram Einollahi stated that the vaccination of people over 60 has started, and about one million people have received the third dose.

"It is recommended that those at high risk be vaccinated after four months," the minister added.

Regarding the continuation of the vaccination process after the third dose, he noted that it depends on global experience and scientific committees; if it continues, like the flu, people need to be vaccinated every year.

He said the medical community was studying the effects of vaccines against the Omicron variant.

85% of Iranians have received 1st dose

Iran's Minister of Health said that 85% of the population of Iran has received the dose of coronavirus vaccines.

Speaking at the national conference entitled "100 Days of successful service, 100 million doses of health injections" held on Sunday, Bahram Einollahi noted that 92% of people have received the first dose of the vaccine in some provinces, and over 70% of the population of Iran also received both doses, and about one million people also received the third dose.

Referring to the rapid vaccination in the country, the Minister of Health highlighted that vaccination was a historic move that paved the way to defeat the coronavirus with the cooperation of all organizations.

He warned about another big outbreak of the new African virus, saying a strong committee was set up to fight the new coronavirus variant.

All treatments, vaccines, and tips for treating people would be reviewed, Einollahi added.

The Minister of Health stressed: "The new African virus can also cross the immune system, but we will do our best to prevent the virus from entering the country."

The national conference was held on Sunday with the presence of the Minister of Health to present a report about the output of the 100-day performance of the Ministry of Health against the coronavirus pandemic.


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