Tehran (IP) - Iranian lawmakers opposed a double-urgency and single-urgency bill review to "secure provision of basic goods, medicine and livestock."

Iran PressIran news: In Iran's Parliament open session on Sunday, MPs opposed double-urgency and single-urgency consideration of the "secure provision of basic goods, medicine and livestock" and compensatory policies for the livelihood of the vulnerable groups.

According to Article 1 of the bill, to compensate for the effects of rising global prices of imported livestock's, agricultural products, and medicine, also taking into consideration of drought effects across the country, the credit ceiling will increase to twelve billion and 600 million dollars to ensure adequate supply of essential goods, livestock, medicine.

Massoud Mirkazemi, head of Iran's Program and Budget Organization, has attended the Parliament to defend the bill.

In a November 26 meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, the State Planning and Budget Organization approved the two urgently approved conditions for legal formalities.

Bill "Secure provision of basic goods, permanent inputs, medicine and medical equipment and compensatory policies to support the livelihoods of vulnerable groups" approved by the cabinet after legal formalities are provided.


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