Bandar Abbas (IP) - The Spokesman for the Iran-Pakistan joint hybrid drills said the Pakistani Navy fleet left Bandar Abbas for the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman to hold the hybrid drill with Iran.

Iran PressIran News: Captain Reza Sheibani said the drill aimed at improving the combat capability and the exchange of military knowledge between the navies of Iran and Pakistan.

Captain Sheibani said the drills are held in order to demonstrate naval power and synergetic interaction of the two countries in for creating lasting peace and security in the region and conducting joint air and sea and joint operations as well as Passage Exercise (PASSEX) in Oman Sea and the Persian Gulf.

Iranian naval units consisting of the Alborz destroyer and a missile launcher along with a helicopter, as well as the Pakistani marine combat and support units of Pakistan, were participating in the naval exercise, he added.

He referred to the unity of the marine powers in the region, noting that creating security by the countries of the region would lead to the growth, development of security, and ultimately boosting of world trade.


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